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6600 MacCorkle Ave., S.E.
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Days and Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays
10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.


Heeding Jesus’ call for unity in prayer and service, we of St. Agnes Catholic, Morris Memorial United Methodist, and Village Chapel Presbyterian Churches seek to unite the gifts of our faith communities for common services to those in need and assistance to all peoples regardless of nationality, age, sex, religious affiliation or handicap who are in need of assistance.  Assistance is offered in a confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Matthew 25:40   “I tell  you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

In 2007 Father John McDonough of St. Agnes Catholic Church had a vision of opening a food bank for the poor.  He shared his vision with Pastor Barry Moll of Morris Memorial United Methodist Church and he enthusiastically supported it as well. After presentations to their respective churches and receiving very positive responses, Common Grounds was born on September 1, 2007.  Soon thereafter Pastor Todd Wright of Village Chapel Presbyterian Church learned of this ecumenical mission outreach and he and his congregation joined in supporting this joint effort as well. Together the churches work in unity to fulfill Christ’s work of serving those in need.

Common Grounds provides a 2 – 3 day supply of food once a month for qualified families.  The size of the box is tailored to the size of the family.  Our intent is to provide boxes which include healthy items such as a protein (canned tuna or salmon), canned vegetables, canned lite fruits, fruit juices, soup, pasta, spaghetti sauce, dry beans, canned beans, peanut butter, healthy cereal, toilet paper, and bar soap. Through food and monetary donations, through thrifty buying, through discounts offered at a local supermarket, and by bread products donated by a local eatery we’ve been able to achieve the goal of providing well-rounded boxes of nutrition to our families. Families are also eligible to sign up for Thanksgiving boxes and Christmas boxes of food, each of which will provide them with a complete holiday meal. In addition, Common Grounds makes limited utility assistance available once a year to a family if a bill is a termination notice.

Recognizing the fundamental dignity of all people, Common Grounds seeks to help provide the basic emergency needs to those qualified. Qualification is determined by:

  1. Proof of identity,
  2. Proof of residency in Eastern Kanawha County from Charleston Area Medical Center Memorial Division in Kanawha City East to the Kanawha County line, on both sides of the Kanawha River, and
  3. Proof of resources, earning no more than 150% of the poverty level.

We also seek to refer families to other agencies to meet their additional needs (ex. Housing, additional financial assistance, medical care, pharmaceutical assistance, etc.) and we provide a limited number of KRT bus passes (for individuals to further their education).

September, 2013 we had been in operation six years.

         The average family income of the families we serve is $688.69.

         In 2012 we distributed 254 Thanksgiving boxes.

         In 2012 we distributed 257 Christmas boxes.

Since January of 2012 we have served 1215families, including 3563 persons.

Since we opened our doors in 2007 we have "retired" 948 family files.  These are families who have moved out of our service area or no longer need our services.

Common Grounds has been awarded a grant, “Keys 4 Healthy Kids.”  This has allowed us to purchase a freezer so we can provide frozen vegetables for families. We have targeted young families and have offered them cooking classes, healthy recipes on a budget, and ingredients for those recipes so they could cook them at home.  Our goal is to help them learn a healthier lifestyle for them and their children.

Being the kind of mission we are, our needs are ongoing. We are always in need of food and monetary donations. As we are entirely staffed by volunteers, they are at the heart of our outreach program.
How can you be involved with Common Grounds and its mission?  We are dependent on donations and readily welcome them.  You can donate food regularly, you can donate cash or a check, or you can volunteer your time and talents.  There are many different ways to volunteer here.  Please consider it; we’d love to have you join us as we are Jesus’ hands and feet in serving our needy sisters and brothers.

If you would like to donate food, please click on the link below to find out what our current needs are:


If you would like to donate money to help this ministry continue, please make the check payable to Morris Memorial Methodist Church and on the bottom left memo line of the check, write “Common Grounds.”  You can place the check in the offering plate on Sunday or you can turn it in to the church secretary, Erin Borchers, or you can make the check out to Common Grounds and mail it or deliver it to Common Grounds at 6600 MacCorkle Ave., S.E. , Charleston, WV 25304 during the hours we are open.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!  Thanks, in advance, for sharing yourself with the less fortunate in our community!  May God bless you richly!